Wednesday, May 25, 2011

MCcourt speaks on his life / Book

Major Conflict

Frank Mccourt has to live a life that most children do not have to endure. As a young child he had to mature faster than most kids because he was the one looking after his brothers and sister when his mom needed rest or help when thier father wasnt home, especially after the death of his sister and twin brothers, most of the responsibilty was put on his shoulders because his mom would weep in bed for her loss and his father would be at the bar getting drunk. In this book the antagonist is his father, because he uses his weekly wages on alcohol instead of providing food, clothing and a better home for his family.Also the mom was forced to recieve charity from churches when the father could have brang his wages home instead he used it on drinks at the bar. Frank sometimes felt obligated to provide for his siblings, for example one day him and his siblings were playing on the playground and he saw the hunger that they had so he stole  bananas so that his brothers and sister would not starve.


The book takes place in the late 1930's early 1940's. The characters start off in Brooklyn, New York and soon move to Limerick, Ireland where they live for most of thier lives. The main character ( Frank ) end up going back to America in search of a new life away from poverty.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Frank McCourt- The Narrator of the story, obligated to help raise his brother's because his father is always getting intoxicated at the Irish pubs. He feels guilt when he leaves Ireland to go in search for something better in America, because he is leaving his family.

Angela McCourt- After the death of her three children, Angela was very depressed, but that still didn't stop her low poverty life to be a mom and raise her other children. Her husband was a drunk and never around to really help her, but that didn't stop her from raising her children to be young gentlemen.

Malachy McCourt(SR.)- The drunk father some may call him the antagonist because he is always dragging down the family. After the death of his children we realize that he drinks more often, when his daughter was alive he quit drinking, but when she died, he drank more than ever. Never really supporting the family always using his wages on alcohol instead of providing for his family.

Malachy McCourt (JR.)- He is the brother of the main character, always there to take the shine away from Frank, because he has an atractive look. Whenever they need anything though Malachy is always using his charm to get what they need.

Monday, May 23, 2011

What might the literature indicate about our future?

The literature in this book indicates that even if we have struggles our country will continue to fight through it and accept strangers into our countries to contribute and help us overcome our struggles. We also have the point of view through someone who is less fortunate and we get to see that even the lowest people that have the most troubles will conquer them and succeed through life, if they can do this in the 1930's then we can do this in present day.

What themes are predominant?

One of the most predominant themes of this book was self sacrifice is extremely important to survive and better yourself in life as well as others. In the novel Malachy does not sacrifice his urge for alcohol and wastes his money in the pubs leaving his family with less money for essentials like food and water. Malachy made it hard and decided to not supply money for his family. Another theme is that people treated differently based on their social status. For example when Frank and his brother Malachy had to use tire to repair their shoes and make them wearable, other children pointed and laughed until the teacher broke up the scene.

How does it reflect our history and our values?

Angela's Ashes reflects are past history by helping us learn how hard it was to overcome the obstacles of the great depression going to America. It also shows that there was a vast amount of prejudice during this time and all types of people were discrimated and treated differntly because of thier race/religion. Also it explains the struggles in Ireland after the war and how many people were helpless. This book also shows that throughout history not everyone values their family. For example the father had his priorities set and put drinking for the night over the welfare of his family. Another way the book reflectes our values is that the children were greatful for the little things. Even though it wasnt much, the children recieved a pigs head for christmas dinner, they valued what they got and were greatful for what was done for them.